Tentaive 2016-17 Dates
While we are working on next year’s schedule, we thought we would provide some guidelines for next year’s schedule:
  • August 1st - 4th: HS Summer Skills Camp
  • August 29th, 30th, or 31st: HS Conditioning Testing
  • Week after Labor Day: HS Fall Ball Practices & Youth Box League
  • Sunday, October 19th: Pumpkin Classic HS Tournament at SVHS
  • October 25th & 26th: Registration for spring 2017
  • Saturday, October 29th : BP Zombie Classic HS Tournament
  • First week in January through end of February: Beginning of winter skills training
  • February 27th through March 3rd: HS Optional Practices
  • March 6th through 10th: HS Tryouts
  • Monday, March 6th: Tentative start for youth practices
  • March 13th or 14th: First possible HS scrimmage
  • Friday, March 24th : First possible date for HS games
  • Saturday, April 1st: Tentative start of youth games
  • Saturday, May 13th: HS regular season must be complete
  • Monday, May 15th: Beginning of 2017 HS playoffs
  • Saturday, May 27th: 2017 U13 LaxFest at Graham Park
Highschool Offseason Conditioning
To inject some competitiveness into our HS program’s offseason conditioning program, we recently completed initial baseline testing in a couple of categories in a determined time frame. We will test again at the end of the summer to determine how hard the players worked on their conditioning.

Activity Initial Testing Leaders Follow Up Testing Leaders
  1. Jake Mineweaser (81)
  2. Daniel Rupert (75)
  3. Noah VandeWater (70)
  1. Sean McCabe (156)
  2. Ryan Houser (155)
  3. Jake Mineweaser, Noah VandeWater (150)
Pull ups
  1. Jake Mineweaser (21)
  2. Daniel Rupert (20)
  3. Brady Moze (19)
300 yd shuttle No one passed the test's parameters

Youth Appreciation Night
On Friday, April 30th, we recognized all of our youth players during the Varsity’s game against Upper St. Clair at NexTier Stadium. Before the game, our youth players formed a tunnel for our Varsity players to run through on their way onto the field. During the game, our announcer recognized all of our youth players in attendance and those players also received food and snacks from our concession stand. Following the game, those youth players had the opportunity to join the Varsity players in the locker room as they celebrated their victory, and then the Varsity players took them out onto the field to pass, catch, and shoot with them. Thank you for all of the participation and making the evening a great event!

Code Of Conduct
Attention all Seneca Valley Lacrosse players, coaches, families and spectators! As a reminder, we wanted to provide this Code of Conduct that everyone is accountable for during home and away lacrosse games, as well as practices. This has been reviewed by Cranberry Township Parks and Rec., and it is consistent with the US Lacrosse Policy provided through our association's membership. Please take a moment to review, as it is pretty straight forward.

Thank you, and enjoy the rest of the season. Go Raiders!

Code of Conduct